Metro Transit's "Journey On" Campaign with Clarity Coverdale Fury

A few months ago I created some photographs for the new Metro Transit campaign, "Journey On" with Minneapolis ad agency Clarity Coverdale Fury and it's so funny to be driving around the city and suddenly see your photo fly past you on the side of a bus. 

Not all of the photos have been released yet, so I'm constantly watching to see when a new one will pop up. 

From the CCF blog:

And, one of the images, found in use in the wild: 

Senn & Sons · Cozy Campers Collection

Kim and I have been brainstorming a photo shoot for her products for a long time and the release of her Cozy Campers Collection was the perfect opportunity to put all of our ideas into action and create some super fun, cuddly, playful images for her to use for her lookbooks + promotion + online store. 

We loved the idea of creating three-dimensional looks with mostly two-dimensional objects + materials and ran with that as the theme throughout the shoot, which resulted in really fun images that told an adorable story while still allowing the products in the collection to stand strong and be highlighted. 

A few of my favorite little moments during the shoot:

The photos fit in perfectly with the Senn & Sons website:

And I LOVE how they look in the lookbook, especially with Kim's adorable illustrations:

We were also lucky enough to have Maribeth Romslo come and shoot some behind the scenes video during the shoot, working her video magic to make it look like it was a full-day of all play and zero chaos. Which, of course, it was. ;) 

Prepare + Prosper

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Zeus Jones about photographing a calendar for Prepare + Prosper for Give To The Max Day. I had seen Zeus Jones' rebrand of Prepare + Prosper (formerly Accountability Minnesota) before, so was familiar with them and the great work they do providing tax prep assistance for low-income families and small businesses, so I was excited to jump on board and be part of this giant Give To The Max Day undertaking. 

I was able to photographing some really great people in this project, including both Mayor Coleman and Mayor Hodges, but it's no real surprise that the highlight for me was photographing four hilarious sixth graders who happen to be Prepare + Prosper's lawn bowling tournament champs. 

Head over to and support Prepare + Prosper today so they can keep helping thousands of Minnesota families + small business with their tax prep & filing. By donating today, November 13th, your contribution is doubled, and if you donate $100 or more (or $10/month), you'll receive this rad calendar for free. 

Martha McQuade · MIXTE Collection

Sometimes you start working with people and it just makes perfect sense. That's how I felt when I did my very first shoot for Martha McQuade with Kyra modeling. We all worked perfectly together and had the right vision for how we wanted the photos to feel. A few shoots in with this mini dream team and it just gets better and better. 

Today I'm excited to share some photos from our recent shoot for Martha's Mixte line. I included a few screenshots of the lookbook, as well, which Martha designed. You can view the full look book here, and purchase these incredible clothes in her shop

DESIGNER: Martha McQuade
MODEL: Kyra Lawrow-Svedvik

The Ericksons

I was lucky enough to photograph these amazing ladies for their new album, Bring Me Home. We talked about locations and ended up shooting on Jenny's land where she and her husband were in the process of building their own, which really tied the photos into the new album in a perfect way. Gregory Euclide also utilized the photos like a mastermind in the design of the album cover.

Chris Koza

A couple months ago I met up with local musician, Chris Koza, to shoot some new promo shots. Chris had a specific shot in mind, so I spent some time the day before the shoot sitting by the river, analyzing flight patterns and wind direction; thinking I had conjured up the perfect storm of a day where the wind would send a plane our way along the Mississippi. It turns out my skills as a pilot are not so strong, so during the shoot we changed gears and took some shots at Hidden Falls before heading down to Groth Music where we implemented the very technical headlights-on-a-wall trick. 

Sydnee Bickett

Last week the lovely miss Sydnee Bickett celebrated the one year anniversary of jumping off that giant freelance cliff and working for yourself; a huge milestone and accomplishment for any business. She asked if I would do a photo session for her to celebrate and to use on her website/email promos/etc, and of course I couldn’t resist. The last image layout is from her email and it’s always fun to see images being put to use. 

Sydnee’s been working her ass off in the past year and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. Heck yes to living the dream and to choosing  to fight for it.